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Thank you for visiting.  We are collecting images of the Yarnell Hill Wildfire to share with our friends, family, neighbors, community and the rest of the world.  We hope this will aid in the healing of our neighbors and the re-building of Yarnell.

Our hearts go out to the 'Yarnell 19' who gave their lives for us.  We embrace the families that have lost sons, brothers, husbands and fathers; we share the loss and carry the burden for the surviving member of the Hotshot Crew.  We will never be able to show enough gratitude, shed enough tears or apologize enough for this great loss - we can merely rebuild to honor all who helped protect and save us from this fire.

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Yarnell, AZ - Where the Desert Breeze Meets the Mountain Air
Granite Mountain Hot Shot Crew

Yarnell Hill Wildfire
A community healing, honoring & rebuilding together.
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